Vacation Options


You are going on vacation, what to do about your CSA box?

The simplest thing is to have a friend or family member pick up your box for you and either hold on to your produce until you get home or eat it for you. This is a great way to share the CSA experience with your friends and family.

If you choose this option, you don’t need to let us know.

Just make sure your friend/family knows all the details about picking up your CSA box (time, location, etc.)

Placing a Delivery Hold

(*Note: In the past we have used the term “Vacation Hold”. The CSA member site we utilize uses the term “Delivery Hold”, and we will be using that to be consistent with what you’ll see when you are logged into your member account.)

No more than three holds allowed per season

How it works:

You place a delivery hold and you get store credit for $25/week for full share and $18/week for partial share to be used anytime in our 2019 farm season. You can use it at the Kalispell Farmer’s Market after the CSA season ends.

To place a Delivery Hold, log into your member account and select the weeks you will be gone this season. If you already know when you are going on vacation this season, you can do this ahead of time.

Okay, this is a bit confusing…

You are only able to place a delivery hold between Friday at 5 pm and Monday at Midnight.

You can do this weeks ahead of time but only in that time slot each week.

For Example: Let’s imagine that your pick-up time is at the farm on Thursdays. You are going on vacation the week of May 20. You need to place your delivery hold by that Monday (the 20th) before midnight.

If you are afraid of not placing your Delivery Hold correctly just shoot us an email with your first and last name and Delivery Hold in the subject line and we can place the delivery hold for you.

What happens if you leave for vacation and you forgot to place a delivery hold?

For example: Let’s imagine your pick-up time is at the farm on Thursdays. You are roasting s’mores on the campfire Thursday night, and you realize that you totally forgot to place a delivery hold. You may not retroactively get a store credit, because we already packed your box for you. You could call us and we will send your box home with a member of our crew or pass it along to the food pantry.

Now you might be wondering...what happens if I completely forget my box?

It happens!

And you can find all the details in the next lesson titled "Oops! I forgot to pick up my box!"