Oops! What to do if you forgot your box!

Forgotten Box

It’s 9 pm and you just got back from a lovely evening at the lake, but you feel like you are forgetting something from the day….

….and then you remember...You Forgot To pick up Your CSA box!

It Happens!

This year we are drastically simplifying our ‘forgotten box’ policy :).


Your box will be at your pick-up site at the prescribed time.

Tuesday 5-7

Wednesday 7-7

Thursday 5-7

Friday 9-6

Saturday 9-12:30

That box was packed for you.  You forgot it (it happens!). Your box will get a piece of blue masking tape with your first and last name and the day of the week, and it will be placed in our walk-in cooler at the farm.  

Please note:  

Your box will be in the walk in cooler one hour after pick-up time.  Some of our sites take a while to load up and get back to the farm.

You don’t need to call/text/email to let us know you are coming.  

Simply come to the farm and get your box and take it out of the walk-in cooler.  

You will unpack your box and leave the box right there in the walk-in cooler.  We’ll clean it out and get it ready for the next week :).

Anytime day/night of your missed week (before the following Sunday at noon), you can come to the farm and find your box labeled with your name and pick it up from our walk-in cooler.  After Sunday at noon, your box will no longer be available.

Please note--after Sunday at noon, these boxes get unpacked and donated to the food pantry.  We love donating to the food pantry, but it isn’t ideal for us to take the extra time of unpacking boxes and driving them to the food pantry.


Send us an email with the heading “Forgot and won’t pick up.” Put your first and last name in the body of the email.

We then send that extra box home with a crew member or have the crew unpack it and get it packed for the coming week’s food pantry donation.

Where is our walk in cooler?

Lower Valley Farm

1375 N. Somers Rd

Kalispell, MT

Come down our drive way and you will see a number of buildings on your right (south).

Our walk in cooler is a small building located between the propagation house ( a small tunnel) and our farmstand/packshed. From the driveway you will see it has an air conditioner attached to it :). When you come into the walk in the 'forgotten boxes' will be on your left. Take the one with blue tape with your name on it.