Post Harvest Handling, Keeping Your Produce Fresh After Pickup

Post Harvest Handling 


A common question we get is “how long will this lettuce last?” What a great question! At the farm we use clean harvest knives, clean harvest tubs, harvest first thing in the morning, keep all veggies under refrigeration before and after washing, and keep the boxes under refrigeration after we pack them.

We want your produce to last! We take great care to make sure your produce will last for two weeks.

After you pick veggies up from us it's up to you to continue good "post harvest handling" practices to ensure your awesome veggies stay awesome.

Keep those veggies fresh after CSA pick up:

Going home right away? A reusable produce bag, cooler, or cooler bag without ice will be just fine!

Running errands after pickup? Your veggies are going to need some TLC to get home fresh.

Is it hot out and you need to have your car windows up? Headed to the lake or to work after pick and your veggies will be in the car? Then you need a cooler WITH ICE to hold your veggies until you get home.

When you get home:

~Pro tip: Cut the tops off your root veggies if you aren't eating them in the first few days. This keeps both the tops and the roots fresher.

~Put all the veggies in separate plastic bags, and store in the fridge. The plastic helps retain the moisture in your beautiful fresh veggies. Left out in the fridge and they'll quickly turn into Sad Wilted Vegetables.

~Want them to last EVEN LONGER? Try out Debbie Meyers Greenbags.

In short -- keep them cold and keep them in plastic—this will keep them awesome.