Cucumber season lasts about 8 weeks in our climate; early July - Mid September . Enjoy every week of cucumber season by incorporating more of this crisp refreshing crop in your daily meals.

We currently grow four varieties of cucumber; pickling, lemon, green slicer, and silver slicer.

Store in plastic in fridge 1-2 weeks. Peeled/sliced 5 days in covered container in fridge. Peel and slice and store in the fridge for the perfect simple side dish for lunch and dinner or for taking along on a hike or afternoon at the lake.

Cucumbers can go 'beyond' a side dish and take center stage as gazpacho, tzatziki sauce, savory yogurt bowl, cucumber sandwich, cucumber watermelon smoothies, cucumber-mint infused water, quick relish, spiralized 'noodles'. The season is short for cucumbers; it's fun to experiment with this delicious refreshing vegetable.

Small amounts of extra cucumbers make an excellent petite batch of quick pickles.

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